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If anyone wants to buy a paintball gun with a lot of accessories please either post here or PM me... i'm selling my paintball gun, Tippmann 98 Custom, double trigger, 32 Degrees 14" Wisper Barrel, hopper, mask, 4 pods, carrying harness and a 9oz CO2, carrying bag and 1400+ paintballs... great starter kit! Pics coming soon...asking price is around $245 ish OBO its flexible... gun also has new paintjob so does not have many dings/scratches... just oiled and checked out, near mint condition, have had it for almost a year...
32 Degrees Wisper Barrel
Tippmann 98 Custom Starter Set
Double Trigger

Here are a few pics, tell me if you guys want any other pics
this pic is of everything i am selling
this pic is just the gun w/ barrel, hopper and co2 tank on it
this pic is just the gun and barrel
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