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I am selling a Tippmann A5 with upgrades or parting here is a picture of everything ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

You can ask for the Tippmann A5 with no upgrades or request any of the following upgrades. Please email me ([email protected]) with the items you want and the offer you would like to buy them at.

Paintball Marker/Upgrades
- Tippmann A5
- M4A1 Sliding Stock
- M4A1 Mag
- Custom All-American barrel with Freak Tip ( wicked balance between long and short range shots )

Everything else:
- Pure Energy 48 3000 HPA Tank
- Ninja Delux Quick Disconnect Remote House with Slide Check
- Ricochet hopper
- V FORCE Profiler Mask
- NXE 4+1 Vertical Pack Black with 4 pods
- 14 Inch barrel
- Stock Barrel
- GTA Full Paintball Gloves
- Finger cut biking gloves
- 2 barrel cleaners
- Com for a radio
- Camo pants
- Spare parts and spare parts kit
- Duffle bag for carrying

Email me if interested ( [email protected])
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