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For all of you paintball players out there I am new to the game and I was given Paintball equipment to sell on the internet.

I was just wondering how much I should be able to sell it for.

I have an e-blade autococker orracle (silver and gold) with tons of upgrades on it. This marker was used for tournament paintball. its still in good condition though.

It comes with a bundle of items.
An nxe marker case,
a DYE boomstick barrel 14",
a nitro duck nitrogen tank w/ Dye rhino cover,
a vl evolution II electric hopper,
a v-force mask, a 20 oz. co2 tank,
2 pod vests- one nxe and one empire,
and 7 nice DYE pods.

If any one has any prices they would want to throw at me. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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