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I have a autococker im selling here are the specs and the price where i found the part cheapest.

2004 prostock autococker $230
Eblade $200
Zero B Board $100
14 inch Dye excel barrel $20
WGP Orracle Bolt $60
Samurai Trigger $20

This gun rips. I can get a consistent 13 bps but i suck at life but my friend can get 19... Also this gun has only chopped once and thats because it was the last paintball so nothing was holding it down. Im looking for about $500 for all this. I'll also put in you a Evolution II for another $50. This gun is in great condition. I oil it before every use and clean it after every use. It only has about 3 cases of paint through it so its fairly new. Ill put in pics soon. But its blue with a silver eblade frame and a black trigger. The evolution II is black. I am willing to trade. I only wanna trade for a better gun i can add cash. I am looking for karnivores*, angels, mini orries, vision shockers, timmys, proto matrixes/ dm4's.

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