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Selling Sweet 98 Custom - 270 shipped OBO

Spent way too much money on this gun for as little as I used it. It has been sitting in my room for about a year now. Used probably around a dozen times. Bought everything new. Cleaned and oiled it afterever use. I don't have anywhere to play now and nobody to go with so I figure I might as well get some money out of the gun. Anyway on to the info.

Got it out and tested it and everything is working great!

Tippmann 98 Custom
Double Trigger
Rocket Cock
Response Trigger
Ricochet AK Hopper
Drop (forgot name)
14" SP Progressive Barrel
2 stock barrels
Dye Stickey Grips
Expansion Chamber
Polished Internal

Over $450 invested in the gun.
I think that is all, but it has been so long since I was into paintballing I can't remember for sure.

Looking for around $270 OBO for the gun. I really don't want to peice it off either because I am afraid I would screw something up if I tried to take it off since I haven't worked on the gun in forever.

PM me for offers. And you won't be dissapointed with this gun. Fires fast and straight!


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I want this looking for anything to trade? I realy cant use c02 with my omen....damn. Il see what money i can gather up 4 u.
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