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Lets see what we've got here

Blue and black.
-Nerve board ramping
-AA 14 inch barrel
-Easy on/off
-Maxflo reg (very consistant)
-Hedlox feedneck (little part tooken off, so it fits halo's)
-Contract killers
-Kills everything and anything
-Cp reg

Defiant 2
-Cp 2 piece barrel
-Cp rail
-Cp 2k5 easy pressure on/off
-Clamping feedneck
-PSP ramping
-Derlin bolt


-Don't be an ***
-Be mature
-If your under 16 ask your parents before contacting me

Anything that catches my eye

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if that shocker was upped more I'd offer my Pred G7 for up though

oh snap
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Might as well try.....

For the defiant:

superfly bolt
ccm no rise
SS freak back
aluminum inserts
14 inch teardrop style freak front
dye sticky grips
custom trigger
25g roller lever switch

With that, I would also add xbox games (have a bunch). I could also through in an HP photosmart 635 digital camera w/ a 256mb memory card (around 200 pics).

I could ship first...I might be able to get some more stuff to add if I can. I also have pictures of the gun, and i can get pics of the camera, memory card, and games. Catch me on AIM at pballa57TBH, or e-mail me at [email protected]. I can tell you all the games I have that I could add.

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My Ir3-Fly
New Solenoid
14" Ultralight
Empire REloader
new regulator
Evil on/off and rail
Trigger job like u wouldnt believe
45/3000n2 tank
For the Defiant?
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