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Ok i play alot and still see shockers sports sft and nxt at my local paintball field
All the older guys who have one say and show how much they can truely dominate
The field has pre 2007 times and im out there with my matrix but there is always some dm5 and eblades
The shockers always end up kickin tail i have looked into buying a freeflow shocker from a friend
Need some advice what do you think about a freeflow shocker
Black / green anno
New bolt
Freak barrel kit
And a extra ton ton frame
Should i buy it

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You should get a Quest instead of a Shocker. FEP came out with the Quest after the Shocker, and basically made an improved version. The Quest came with an LPR, Clamping feedneck, a MUCH better trigger, Auto-Cocker threaded, and a way more efficient bolt system. If you're looking at a Shocker, check out an FEP Quest first!
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