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shoebox shocker up for grabs today, it really does not get cleaner than this thing. I got it from the original owner who said he had put maybe a case through it and then it sat in an attic. I have done a 9v mod on it so it now runs off of 9v batteries and not those pesky custom ones SP used to sell.

marker is in immaculate condition, no scratches, shoots great. the reg has a slight hiss every once in a while but i have been too lazy to do a rebuild on it.

comes with original box, box has seen better days but its still in one piece. stock barrel comes with, its a 18" monster

what i want

120 cash, paypaled and shipped anywhere in the continental US

J&J 2-piece barrel cocker threads + cash

J&J cocker threaded barrel kit

prophecy z2

blue e-flex

i will hear out other trades but will be less willing to accept unless they are something really good

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