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Children of Bodom (toting their new terrible album no doubt)
Amon Amarth
stupid Trivium

COB is actually headlining meaning good set, i hear they have played oops i did it again on this tour (itll make my night if they play it) and also, a cool thing where they play bodom after midnight, then in the middle, go into bodom beach terror, then back into bodom after midnight to finish it up, should be fun

nest saturday- VITAL REMAINS

St. Paddys Day- DROPKICK MURPHYS IN BOSTON, im pumped, this show is going to be so amazingly good and intense and great

july 14th- EMPEROR, nuff said

¡Viva La Rob!
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didnt get tickets yet but if i can go:

dec 30th- bouncing souls/leftover crack/pietasters

january 26th - less than jake/ big d and the kids table

january 7th - world inferno friendship society w/ the vagabonds (my friend's sister's band)

and im bidding on tickets on ebay for

january 14th - oar w/ matisyahu

then in march NOFX is playing in the city, that would be sick if i can go
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