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:devil: alright not gunna play for awhile and im in a bind here. no place to live, no car, etcc.. so my loss ur gain

my ion is dope as hell. upgrades include:
blackheart board
shocktech feedneck
luck bolt
lucky firing cannon
lucky laser eyes
ndz detents
cp shorty reg
cp rail
check it unimount
cp roller trigger
evil gauge
dye sticky and rage grips

old picture

empire b, v35 board, random ups
3k/47k tank, bulldogg reg, phat gauge
lucky 15 barrel kit. 3barrels 1 piece 15in,

$300 for everything
only trades are ipod touch or a jar lol.

may need a screw or two. and the trigger screw is stripped, needs to be tuned.
i will not ship first. i accept money order only. will provide you with address, cell phone, IM, anything you need to know to show you i am legit. reply here or pm me.
tony c.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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