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Im Selling this gun only because i want an Xbox!

2003 EFORCE STS Piranha
14' Progressive Barrel
EForce trigger frame- semi automatic, 3 shot burst,6 shot burst, 9 shot and full auto ALL TRIGGER FRAME MODS CAN BE DISABLED BY TOURNAMENT LOCK
PMI Drop Forward
Modded Valve- For lower operating pressure
Brand New venturi Bolt
Brand New Detent
Flush cocking system- No External parts moving when Marker is fired and recocking
Also included in the deal
Battery Charger For Home
Battery Charger For a Car
9oz CO2 tank
-Can include a Ricochet AK, something wrong with the board, im sure a tech can fix it.
Price is Negotiable, im thinking of a digit, but i want to see what kind of offers i can get.

The only trade i would be interestade in is an Xbox.

I Can be contacted through this post, PM or Email
[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts