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Hey all, i am selling a silver 2k3 Rat Jr. Impulse. This gun absolutely rips. I can get it up to 18 bps easy. Here's some specs:

-Silver 2k3 Rat Jr. Impulse
-Vision Board and cricket board
-ND RIP valve (and stock rat valve)
-Stuby delrin bolt (white)
-Dye Stickies (black)
-CP rail and on/off
-Vertical Max-Flo
-Extra Dye Hyper In-Line 2 Regulator (used on dm4's)(black)
-Rat Jr. Milling
-other Rat internals

I can add an eggy for $50 and a revvy for $25, i will add them both for $65.

I am askin for $675 for just the gun, its negotiable. My AIM is Assault3007, hit me up on there if at all interested, or just post here. Its a great gun, i am selling it because i need to get some money for a car. I will also have pics available on AIM. To big to post here.
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