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Skyline Nation is the best paintball game I have ever been a part of. And I've been to D-day, and many many other events. The event is all inclusive. $275, and you get food, camping, a case of paint, and the best paintball game ever. I recently moved from Calgary to Toronto, and there is no way I would miss this game. I'd be there if I had moved to the moon!

Here is a post by the event organizer:

Skyline Nation is an event with unmatched value. It has been copied numerous times in various aspects, but there is nothing else like it. Everything else is just a game.

Why do we throw meals in?

For the schedule, to make sure everyone is ready to go for the next mission. If one fella is cooking a steak and the other something else, then we can be very late.

Garbage, By preparing meals we can control the trash and the pests that raid it.

Health and Pride, my wife commands awesome meals. Our players are well fed and taken care of. We are happy to do it.

Why do we make it all inclusive?
Because, I myself, hated hidden surprises and expensive add ons. I want to know what I am getting in to. Its easier and no one plays with a wallet on my field. Usually fields bring people in for $30 field fee and ridiculous paint prices on the same old paint soaked field, not us. You are way out in the hills and forest. When and If you need more paintballs, we dont rook you either. We dont count on paintsales.

Why do we have Troop Transport?
Extra hiking is hard. If you were to walk to one of our various fields, half the day would be gone. Fast fact, did you know that from one end to another of the Skyline Ranch, is 6 miles long? The lowest point of our Ranch is at 4800 feet above sea level(thats a 1000 feet above Calgary), with the ridges nearing 6000. To hike uphill is a tremendous workout and eats time and energy. We bring people safely to the top like a ski lift and people funnel downhill for ease. This is the most under rated benefit.

Why do we do night missions?
Because we rent four light towers. The field we light up is spectatular. Missions here do not end with sundown. We give a rare experience to players in a safe and fun format. By moving our big game back a month, we lose 1.5 hours of sunlight and not all get up at sunrise . We embrace the darkness and shed light on new adventure.

Why 18 years or Older for Time Machine?
The game is hard, the scenario is serious and it creates an even playing field. We have been sponsored by Budweiser in years past as well.

Why no walk ons?
To put an event on like this, are logistics that are unheard of elsewhere. Food, fuel, ammo, staff, weather and the means to complete objectives needs up front attention. If we over stocked with inventory, we could not pass on any savings. It is just to hard to produce a quality event without knowing how many are attending. Just like your family holiday dinners.

Unless you have been here it is hard to explain. I try my very hardest to put this game on. I fight wind, lightning, rain and economics. I lay my heart on the line every year. I fight for the people who love the game. My greatest rewards are listening to the players all stoked about the good times.

Sign up and walk the path of adventure on multiple occasions for 2012.

Sincerely, Reid and Heather Moynihan, Thank You.

If you are interested in attending, please post up any questions.
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