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Alright I'm selling a 2k2 Impulse vision. I'm open to any offer except buying a gun with cash. Please do not post your gun up and ask cash for it, I am not interested in that. Also, please no BS posts. If your really interested in the gun and want to buy it, then post up. I'm going to keep this thread up until NEXT sunday.

Alright this is what I have...

Smart Parts 2k2 Impulse with...

-Evil LPR
-Evil Valve Kit
-14" DYE Boomstick two piece barrel (also stock)
-WGP Torpido dropfoward
-Evil Clamping Low Rise
-New Designz Delrin Bolt
-Smart Parts Eclipse blade trigger (nice trigger job)
-Brand new board put in

Please make offers. It shoots great and very fast. RARELY ever breaks paint. I cant remember the last time it did.

Remember I am open to all offers, so feel free to post up. I will get back to EVERYONE who posts.

E-mail- [email protected]
PM me on here
AIM- buLLet4yourHEAD5 (not on AIM alot)


Any questions just feel free to get a hold of me.

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