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Need some space for my storage so I decided to sell this. This is practically brand new, used for about 2 hours and of course works flawlessly. I went paintballing once with it then tore my ACL and couldn’t pursue it anymore.

Smart Parts ION
Compressed Air Tank (48cu/3000psi)
Smart Parts Barrel Condom
Original Tools/O-Rings
Original Gun Manual

Will Include for FREE:
Paintball Bag
2 Pods
A Squeegee Barrel Cleaner
Speed Feed for your hopepr

Asking Price: 180 Shipped for everything.

Fast Response: 732 604 8six2seven.
Or just PM me.

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I guess the free items are not free after all, JK!

Love it when people use the marketing "strategies" on For sale forums, LOL, nice!

I feel ya about the ACL, I am coming out of 2 months with a full cast broken radius / left wrist. I am also debating in throwing the towel after fully recovering.

Good Luck

Wepps JR:

Please re-read or read forum for sale rules, mostly step 11.a.

11.a. When posting, do not post in a member's thread commenting on their item/price/anything in a negative way causing them to lose any sales. All concerns must be sent through PM's.
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