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What I have is a Smart Parts SP8, it is in fantastic condition, paint is a little chipped, but still looks awesome. The gun has never failed on me and has never broken a ball (even cheap wal-mart paint.) This marker is accurate!! I guarantee you will hit the same spot twice! It is also blistering fast! Add a Blackheart board, and you will be constantly reloading! It was made with compressed air in mind, but it can handle CO2 better than any other marker out there!

It has 4 firing modes: Semi, 3 round burst, auto, and ramping.

Not only will you intimidate on the field, but you will be sure to eliminate anyone who dares to look your way!

It includes:

Smart Parts SP8 with CQB Barrel.
Aftermarket Magnetic ball detents
Adjustable Stock
Sniper barrel.
Electronic hopper.
Red dot sight (Sighted in. And yes, it does actually work)
9 oz CO2 Tank

It's worth well over $450, $350 and it's all yours

[email protected]
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