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My boat isnt like your boat though. My boat is actually owned by my uncle, and the family has run a water taxi throughout the boston harbor island for near 30 years.

Now when I say water taxi its not like some guy on a dock goes "TAXI!!!" and we take him wherever we want. We charge people to get on our boat at hull, and we make runs to peddocks(Ft Andrew), georges(ft warren), and lovells, and back to hull every once in a while.

We're an independent sub-contractor for a sub-contractor. All the islands out here are actually national parks, and theres national park rangers on all of them.

We actually almost didnt get hired this year.

See, these dickwads took over the company that used to run it dont like my uncle. My uncle gets the job done. If theres a family stuck on a dock and its raining, and they are stuck waiting there for 3 hours for the next boat, my uncle will take them to where they need to go, so logn as it doesnt interfere with teh rest of the schedule.

Just small things like that, and if another boat that runs for this company is in trouble, he'll help them out. They just dont like him when he's just simply a good guy. I dont know why they dont like him.

He goes to the business meetings (which are public) and he shuts them down. They are ruining the national park out there.

The first week, there was a total of 200 emails written to this company to get them to hire us.

I dont know if youve ever been to boston but "The National Park out here without the Irene is like going to the gardens without the swan-boats". That was somethign one of them said.

If you guys could just write an email saying you've heard stories about the IRene and that you'd like it if they stayed on the islands that would do us a lot of help. We tell just abotu everyone who enjoys the boat out there to send in comments.

[email protected] is the address.

Dont lie or say anythign rude. Its serious. Remember, I can and will get you banned form here for stuff you do off the forums.

Pitbull forum, PBF Chat, all events that justify my cause.

But yeah.

Its a great place out there, so any of you massachusetts guys, show up at Hull gut (past nantaskit beach) any time after 10 and look for my boat. Tell the deckhand (younger kid in that pic) that his brother, sam, said you could come out. Not sure if he's charge you.

Its a great plce out there.
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