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Saw this and i tried it pretty good. Your options: Alcohol or Alcohol Free.


-Rum (if you want)

1.) Boil the chocolate with some milk. (Don't add sugar)
2.) Take a dish and put sugar on it, dip the glass (small wine glass preferably) in to the chocolate. Then dip the rim in the sugar lightly.
3.) Put chocolate into the glass.
4.) Float the marshmallow on top.
5.) If you want add a little bit of rum and it tastes fine.

That was my friend and I's after we had it without marshmallow's. He is horrible at rimming a glass.

Just something we do when were bored and without any other alcoholic beverages.

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I went snowboarding today, I had IBC root beer with Bacardi rum. Very tastie. Best way to go snowboarding is drunk, you can't feel how cold it is and your willing to try the craziest stuff ever, and if you fall; doesn't hurt. :)

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forumrider99 said:
You guys just arn't drinking enough of it. Are you just taking little sips? and smirnoff is for girls, go get a real drink pussy.
im 15, and im not a dirtbag wave:
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