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alright here we go

snakes who complain

snakes who just came

snakes you know by name

snakes (in house of pain)

snakes set aflame

snakes that like cocaine

snakes that are trained

snakes with no shame

snakes in max payne

snakes that look like chris gaines

snakes that cant make change

snakes that sell propane

snakes in the drain

snakes with brains

snakes killed kurt cobain

snakes on dave mustaine

snakes in a window pane

snakes that like mark twain

snakes wiht there own domain

snakes that imprisoned john mccain

snakes who lay claim

snakes who shift claim

snakes in your brain

snakes that act like canes

snakes that love champagne

snakes in computer games

snakes that are insane

snakes that explain

snakes that eat grain

snakes that got game

snakes make insurence claims

snakes on mary jane

snakes in a lane

snakes that use pen names

snakes that sing in the rain

snakes feeling pain

snakes that refrian

snakes that think they are rick james

snakes on a campain

i have more but im out of them
1 - 20 of 29 Posts