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sniper 2. (buying it)

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sniper 2. (buying it)....maybe now

bored so felt like this up here. i'm buying this from a guy on pbnation.
it's a '98 sniper 2 with a sniper scope, booyaa stock, j&j ceramic 10inch barrel, air vigilante reg, new stainless valve, dye sticky grips, new pump arm, eclipse trigger frame, 12 gram quick changer, stick feed, remote line. the remote line and 12 gram thing are alreayd mine, and i might be selling them anyways. the stick feed is home made by me. and don't say stuff about the scope. i will mostly use it on my pellet gun, and to make newbs call me sniper. :cool:

when i get it, i might take pics iwht the horizontal stick feed and 12 gram thing. it's all (besides remote,quick changer, and stick feed) for $215

rate it for pumps too
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i just don't see the whole pump arm with a hinge, unless you wanted to take the pump off and put on some pneumatics.

5.5/10 <-- drop the stock and slap on some pneuns instead of the arm
....if i wanted a semi-auto... i tihnk i would have boughten one instead of pump. anyways i like mags more than cockers. after my birthday (4 months) i'm going to probably buy some pneumatics so i can still play semi sometimes and for my first tourney. but yeah, when i do play semi at all with it, i would take off the stock for that.
actually i will ahve a lot of extra money cause i'm selling my rail plus i got $23 for my pokemon cards. :) ( no i haven't used em for like 4 years.) so i am going to buy some pneumatics. if i feel like i will still use semi-auto enough. i will buy something like a jackhammer II lpr, and the ram and 3-way better than stock, but not expensive. if i chop i might get a new bolt too.
overall 6/10, pumps 7.5/10
is that a balde trigger on a pump gun? WTF i give it a 5/10 becuase its a pump.
8/10 for pumps. I like it actually, cool looking.

4/10 over all though. Because its crazy.
nice pump i like the hinge on it

7.5/10 for pumps.
paintballer05 said:
is that a balde trigger on a pump gun? WTF i give it a 5/10 becuase its a pump.

wow..... because its a pump ehh? wow.......

7/10..... the stickers are sweet
8.5/10. love it.

I love it also.
waht parts do you think i should get in terms of pneus.? i mean if i do. i just realized if i get pneus. i have to get a front block too so what should i get. i know what the best stuff is, like rock lpr and that magnum ram, but i want less expensive stuff.
looks pretty kewl, lotta newbs gonna be calling you a sniper over that one...7.5/10 for pumps 5.5/10 overall
yeah, i got called sniper with my traccer. ugh i'm in a dilemna now. i was talking with the guy i got the traccer from. and he was saying i should just buy his 2k1 vf cocker with ups and then buy a sniper kit. i like his cause if i want to play semi i already have pneus, plus i know for sure it's not a scam. but i won't have the scope for pellet gun,stock, or pump kit at first. wat to do. wat to do. i have specs of that gun. someone help me out here.
If I were you Id get something newer like the illusion. That sniper 2 is a pretty old pump.
Look Better If you had a Slide trigger..8.5/10
Tex said:
If I were you Id get something newer like the illusion. That sniper 2 is a pretty old pump.
i think illusions cost too much? and can you convert those to semi? plus about being old, i'm really liking this guy's 2k1 cocker. it doesn't have a pump but i can buy a pump kit.
Look Better If you had a Slide trigger..
that and trade the unmatching parts for matching parts 7/10
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