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A little over one month old. Has a brand new stock board. Here is what you're getting:

Cobalt to Silver Sonic Cyborg
-Sonic Claw
-Sonic Bolt
-Sonic Grips
-Sonic LPR
-PBK Snakeskin -Used for 3 games-

7 Piece Matchstik Kit
-.685, .687, .689, .693

-Selling Points:
+Gladiator-AKA Sidewinder Clone. It gets +/- 1 at the Chrono, and is amazingly easy to maintain. Just unscrew the main body, push out the shims. Lube the two orings, and then place back in, making sure the seat is clean.
+Weight-This gun may look like an imp, but it is anything but. It weighs 2.2 lbs with a 16", gladiator, and battery.
+Kick-Zero. 'Nuff said. Recently tuned.

It has a 90* elbow installed and it comes with the new PBK Snakeskin bolt.


1. Post here before contacting me
-Contact me at (AIM) HHH JCKA HHH, (MSN) [email protected], or PM me.
2. Only decent trades. I don't want Imps, Ions (regardless of ups), or anything that retails at below $600 new.
3. Free ups will be returned likewise.

What I'd like:
-PM6 (Straightup depending on Ups)
-UL'd PM6 (I add)
-PM5 (You add)
-UL'd PM5 (straightup)
-06 Cyborg (I add $300)

$3k obo. Comes with the matching barrel kit.


-Feedneck head is off on my Halo. No worries .

Vids on the way:


No kick:



I have $200 to add. Ask anymore, and you will be ignored.

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No, he means that he's not selling it so he lists it as a tremendous price which isn't against the rules, so whatever.

If you did mean 300, or something else, then you just have really bad typing skills...

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Copied the whole post from my PbN thread, where the rules state that you list a price. $3k usually discourages the lowballing assholes, and makes me chuckle when people ask "are you serious?".

Either way, it's NFS anymore.
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