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Just STFU if it's old.

High Quality (Quicktime)
Low Quality (Quicktime)

I like the song

When you're introducing the next generation of television, you want to make an impact - but that doesn't mean you have to shout at the top of your voice. And it doesn't mean you have to be predictable. To announce the arrival of the BRAVIA LCD and 3LCD range, we wanted to get across a simple message - that the colour you'll see on these screens will be 'like no other'.

Sending 250,000 multi-coloured 'superballs' bouncing down the streets of San Francisco may seem the strangest way to do this, but that's exactly what Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig did for the BRAVIA commercial in July this year. San Franciscans have seen some unusual things in their time, but even this gave them something to talk about. And we've got the feeling that this commercial is going to do exactly the same thing.
I absolutly love this commercial. Good Filming + Editing. Great Song (José González - Heartbeats)

Also: Someboady made a screensaver I guess.

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Thats what it looks like to play 10 man. :rolleyes:

Nice, wierd vid.
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