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I am thinking of starting to sell discount paintball equipment and other things in South Alabama. To sell discounted paintball stuff I must buy around $500.00 in each shipment. I live in Opp, Alabama. I live 15 min. from Andalusia, 35 min. from Enterprise, and 65 min. from Dothan.

I need some information. I need to collect a census of what kind of things people want in equipment.

I need a census of how many people in my area want to participate in scenario paintball games or woodball games. I live in a wooded area. I have come up with several different game types and rules.

Originally, I told my friends that every Saturday we would meet at a location. Each person would put their money together, then pick teams, then the winning team wins the pooled money and it is dirupted between the team.


The losing team must buy lunch for the winning team.

If you want a quoted price for certain items please either post the equipment here or email me to keep it private.

My email address is [email protected]

Please post any info.
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