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Unleashed 3-Man Tournament

Come out and join us for our first ever 3-man paintball tournament. This will be a fun tournament for all ages, and trophies will be given out to the top three teams. This is a beginner’s tournament, so team Unleashed will not be playing. Hope to see you out there!


Event: 3 man team Tournament
When: February 11th, 2006 (Saturday), 12pm
Where: Unleashed Paintball Field
2312 Center Dr.
Vidalia, GA 30474

Price: $45 per team ($15 per person)
$12 for 500 balls, $40 for 2000
C02 and Compressed air available
Field Paint Only

Contact: Alan Dykes 912-293-0809 (cell)
912-537-3870 (home)

Tyler George 912-245-0325

Corey Garvin [email protected]

Additional Info & Rules:

We would like for everyone to come at 12 noon. We will give a safety and rules speech, and answer any questions you may have. Actual playing should start no later than 1pm. This is not a single or double elimination tournament. Your team is guaranteed a set number of matches before the final playoffs (usually 5 or six matches). This prevents people from entering the tournament, only to get put out the first round. In each match, you will win an amount of points based on what you have accomplished in the match. After each teams 5 or six matches are over, the four highest scoring teams will move on to the bracket style playoffs. The tournament should last about 4 hours, but that is just an estimate.

Team Unleashed will be running the event. They will referee each game and keep track of the tournament standings. They will help you with anything you need. We encourage safety first , and all guns will be required to be fitted with barrel plugs or barrel socks while not being used. There is a large safety net separating the field from the staging area that will keep any stray shots from hitting other players. Masks must be worn at all time while on the field. All players' guns must be chronographed to less than 300 feet per second. Players violating these rules may be penalized or eliminated from the tournament.

All players' markers/guns must be set to semi-auto or pump. Full auto, multi-shot burst, and any type of ramping will not be allowed. This rule has never been a problem, but included to be thorough.

This is a beginner's tournament, so Unleashed will not be playing. While we are not a professional team, we have practiced for several years and it would not be fair for us to play. If you are a traveling tournament team, this tournament is not for you. For the other 99.9% of you, this will be a great tournament to play in. We held a two man tournament in December, and it was a great success. We hope to see you guys back out there again.

In case you are wondering about our field type and layout: It is a 'speedball' field. Bunkers are numerous and are constructed from wooden palletes and corrugated piping. The area on the field is pretty cleared out, but there are a few small trees and stumps remaining. The field is perfect for fast paced, team oriented action.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, email me, or call us. The more the merrier, so sign up today!

Corey Garvin

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how much of a beginner team are you talking about? and how far away is this site from gwinnett? could you link up to the site where the tourney will be played
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