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I am looking to trade a Smart Parts Sp-8 for a T-9 rifle, although If you have any similar gun geared to sniping, go ahead and make an offer. The gun is in great condition and has been babied its entire life. As far as upgrades I will be including the stock, and suppressor kit with the longer shroud and 19 inch ported barrel. This barrel is extremely accurate and is a perfect bore match for ultra evil and marbalizers. At 150 feet with the 45 mm NCSTAR red dot (included in trade) sited in I can get a spread of about 2-3 inches . The gun has just received a Firebolt and a 360 qev, bringing the operating pressure when chronod at 275 down to around 130. The gun is extremely air efficient and can fire a steady 17 bps with absolutely no chopping. There is a video of the gun shooting here

YouTube - Sp8 Ramping - YouTube - Sp8 Ramping

I absolutely love this gun and hate to part with it, but have come to the decisions for a couple reasons. 1. After purchasing my ghillie I have started sniping a lot and it is rather difficult to crawl through heavy bush with this gun. I also hate to carry a remote air source while belly crawling. The gun is not exceptionally heavy, its about the same as a stock a-5 with a flatline and stock, but I weigh in at a astonishing 110 so after a long day I can get a little tired luggin it around. The q-loader works GREAT with this gun, lowering the profile and increasing the feed speed to a constant 30 bps. In addition to all this, if you can include a lighter vest or some spare mags and a leg holster I can also throw in my Spec Ops Broadsword vest [M] , which I have only used in 4 games.

feel free to shoot me a pm whenever
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