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hey guys, i have an sp1, and everyone says it is so reliable....
first i am not a real noob at this, i have played for a while and done my fair share of research
now is the problem
i have co2 (which is supposed to be fine on the sp1), and i have put on the co2, 4 or five times (with two different tanks) both full....

full battery

no leaks

dwell mode on co2

pull the trigger, and nothing goes but a beep.... i do this about 5 more times and a psssst of air comes out of the bleed valve. the next three to ten shots work, but then, after shooting these three to ten shots, it will beep again and do the same cycle......... and i am not aiming it down, but straight forward and a little but up...

uh, if you guys could help me, that be golden!!!!


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