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Cody and Tim Larson of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine and Tampa Sports Photography will be covering ALL divisions of the 2007 SPCS Round I Part II on June 9th and 10th at the Central Florida Paintball. Pictures will be posted shortly after the tournament on our web site, TAMPA SPORTS - "You Play It, We Shoot It!" - IT'S ABOUT THE ACTION! We will also be doing photo shoot assignments. If you wish to schedule a photo shoot assignment for you and your team, you can do so by filling out the simple form on the Assignments page or by leaving a message on our Forums (there is also a link at the bottom right section of our home page).

At the tournament we will be moving from field to field, so don't be afraid to approach us and grab some free stickers.

On a side note, the PSP Chicago Open is coming up soon and I'm sure many of you will be playing in that tournament as well. Tim and myself will be there to cover the event for PB2X and will also be available for hire for team photo shoot assignments. What better way to capture all the excitement of you and your team playing in a pro circuit tournament than to have magazine photographers covering your every move, every game, GUARANTEED! To schedule a photo shoot assignment for the PSP Chicago Open visit TAMPA SPORTS - "You Play It, We Shoot It!" - IT'S ABOUT THE ACTION!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] and don't forget to register on our Forums!
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