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Splat Tag has BIG PLANS for 2007.

Tippmann X7 as Prizes.
20+ Tippmann X7 will be given away free over 2007 season. At least one at every Splat Tag Big Game. See Jungle Rumble - Paintball Scenario Game - Minnesota and Wisconsin area Hudson, WI for list.

Full Auto High Intensity Games.
The last Sunday of every month Big Games are now called "Jungle Rumbles" and are High intensity with full auto allowed. April-Oct.

Night Games
Total of 5 Between June and Sept. - June 2, June 30, July 28, August 25 and September 29. See Minnesota Paintball fields - Splat Tag, Inc. USA for times

More Forts and Towers
By June 3 we plan to have three new forts and two giant towers. These will be on the main playing fields to be use all the time. Not just for "Giant Big Games". Not to mention the 2000 sandbags we plan to add this year and the new "Bombed City" field.

Yes lights. We are adding lights to the "Tower Field" and have been working on turning the Tower Field in to a "Bombed City" .

Scenario Tournament - Official OPPL
Scenrio teams will be competing to see who is the best. We have signed up to host one of the OPPL Scenario Tournament. These are real tournaments not big games.

Medal of Honor
Splat Tag has had a "Paintball Medal of Honor" made and will only be awarding a few out each year to players that go above and beyond in good sportsmanship and fair play.

Entry into Oklahoma D-Day June 9 as Prizes
I had such a good time last year playing in Oklahoma DDAY that I will giving away paid Entries into it. Splat Tag will also be renting a bus for players to ride down.

This does not include all of the other great thing you get at Splat Tag events. Things like: Free food, Free patches and Free HP Air and C02.

2007 will be Splat Tag's biggest year, we are planing on hosting over 12,000 players. Don't miss all the action. It's going to be CRAZY!

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well, i pry wont be going to any of the scenarios. I should be there for the rookie cup. If you dont remember my moms the one from the TV station :\ And yeah, i was on the team that got screwed out of first. Oh well, we will take 1st this time, and the next, and the next, then we cant play in it anymore.
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