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Any one here Sponsored?

If so, what do you get out of it?
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I was once sponsored by a beer company. They paid us in beer.

(Not as crazy as it sounds. One of the teammates worked for the company).

The intention was so that we had beer for the "after tournament party", but what usually happened was we had a "BEFORE tournament party" instead.
Well, the severe hangovers usually had a detremental effect on our playing abilities!!

were sponsored...can't tell you what we get though
omg... that would be sooo cool!!! I wish I was sponsored by a beer company... mind you i'm 15, so i doubt i'd get beer, but hey it would be cool.
sponsored, but its kinda like the golden rule of getting sponsored, cant really tell you wat we get or how much we get it for
I used to be sponsored by Dye, Bonebrake, PMI, EVIL, Pure Energy, Halo, and the MWXPL.

Now I don't even have a gun...... (quit the team)

EDIT - o ya, forgot some..... Fogtech, Q-loader, 3A.......err, nevermind, thats why I forgot them.
Lets see here.

Brass Eagle - 35 a case afterburners, they pay half our entry fee.

PMI - Once we win more, they will fork stuff out.

Redz - All products half price. But I'm keeping my Dye Attack Pack.

Viewloader - 2 more winned tournys and free eggs and revvys.
Couple low time sponsors. I'm hoping for empire next season.
I'm sponsered by my local shop. I get stuff at cost.
We're sponsored by the local field. We get free entrance/air and paint discounts.
Area 51 paintball and draxxus paint. cant tell you what we're getting though.
vengizzle, are you on the same vengance team that won bitw last weekend?

we are sponcerd by dye, bradyspaintball. com, CP, and Energizer Batteries.

for the season each company is giving us about 5-10g's in products.

but all prizes that we win are givin to bradyspaintball to be sold on ebay or online.
by bitw do you mean the tourny in reno, if so yes, we took first place in that.
we just got sponsored last week! :D right now we are getting discounts on stuff from their website and they are paying for paint and most of our entry into tournaments. Its pretty cool :)
nah man. best in the west. is a socal tournement series. there was a team called vengeance that have won it. i guess they arent the same teams though.
Seems like everyone is sponsored! lol. I hope when I get good enuf there will actually be places dowen here to sponsor me!
redz comfort gear- clothing/harness's
hole in the wall- dirt cheap paint prices
Nps(Nything they sell, Empire, etc, we get deals on)
Carolina paintball park
DC paintball
PMI, Evil, Paintball daves, apocalypse paintball, the siege paintball, Pimp paintball clothes.
we basically get like free air and entry anywhere we go though. kinda wierd.
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