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Replacement bolt for the following markers:
Spyder Imagine
Victor II
Icon LCD

What my bolt can do for you. Simple facts, no fancy advertising:
Faster cycle rates:
· Lighter than Stock bolt
· Self lubircating plastics
· Less Friction
Improved Efficiency
· Larger intake
· Angled intake
· Larger exhaust
· Lighter overall weight
Because of the improved efficiency, you can use a lighter velocity spring which will help reduce balls breaks at the breech!

Don't pay $40-$60 for a "name" brand bolt that does not even offer oring grooves to insure that your bolt will fit in your marker without blow-by? That is what orings do. Reduce the amount of air that gets feed around your bolt and into your hopper. Unless the machinist has you marker in his hand, an oringless bolt is "worthless" because it is letting air escape. Sorry, it is the truth. The machinist does not know the exact inside diameter of your mass produced marker

New Features:
Ÿ Nylatron-- Nylon and solid lubricant combined
Ÿ Premium Food Grade Delrin
Ÿ Milled ball detent groove
Ÿ Slicker Surface than stock (less Friction)
Ÿ Self lubricating properties.
Ÿ Highly resistance to oils
Ÿ Anti-Ball paintball "hop" design
Ÿ High Flow Bolts
Ÿ Oring grooves to control blowback (if necessary)

If interested the bolts are $25 shipped. Email me at [email protected]
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