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About 10 or 11 years ago i bought a spyder compact, which i used for about 3 months and when I moved I lost it. I almost immediately replaced it with an autococker but got bored of paintball in 2002 and sold everything. About 4 months ago and while moving again i found the spyder in some boxes that hadn't been opened from the first move, in near mint condition. I've played a few games and it works well (no jams, no sphere breakage, get a decent 280 fps), but it's slow, extremely noisy, chugs CO2 like crazy, and is just plain awkward with the tank attached in front of the trigger like that (don't me started on the one-finger trigger).

My buddies tell me that gun is "a great classic" and that i should give it a little love with some upgrades if i'm going to use it occasionally.

I was never big on upgrades, most i've ever done was to buy the cocker a new barrel before i sold it, so I don't quite know where to start.

So, questions for the connoisseurs,

Does this gun deserve the status of "great classic"?,

Can this gun be adapted with an e-frame? and,

What other specific upgrades could this gun get?

I'm having a hard time finding good references for the proper mods to get this thing, i'm guessing it's because it's so old.

Thanks a lot

EDIT: don't have a pic of the gun yet, but it's identical to this one

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Got the gun a nice 12" 32 degrees barrel, mighty accurate. That's all i'll do. Kingman provided some support and told me that if the gun has the new style striker it can use an e-frame, but it doesn't so that's off the table. They also mentioned getting a bottomline kit to eliminate the tank in front of the trigger.

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how did this get overlooked?sorry about that.

This isn't something I could consider a great classic, as mechanical spyders are still made exactly like it on the inside; it's a solid marker though. Because of that, spyder accessories and upgrades are universal(excluding the two previously mentioned branches ) A non mr or vs style frame will work on it, though buying an electronic frame can be just as expensive as the marker itself, not to mention you can buy entire electronic spyders for under $90.

As for the bottom line you may want to check out our b/s/t section. I think Azn still has one of those that you can buy. It's a definite plus to have.

I forgot abou the difference in strikers. The early style were a bit bigger and have bene dubbed "fatty" strikers, I'll admittit, however, that i have no idea what markers they were in. It's true that if you have one of those, it's much, much harder to find a frame that will work.

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The prices of the upgrades were what stopped me from doing anything else to it. A $20 barrel made a little difference, but as you said, for the price i might as well buy a new one. I'm buying an electronic cheapie (a smart parts or an icon or something of the sort) for the casual games and keep this one for whenever someone wants to see a relic or challenge me to an all-mechanical match.
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