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spyder E99Avant for sale, like new

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spyder E99 Avant for sale, like new e-99

awesome shape, ready to use as is, or to trick out. Avant is in great shaped, hardly used and not abused. Includes a second set of misc parts from another spyder that I parted out (see first pic). along with the extra parts, I have the manual, and misc bag-o-parts that came with. Looking for a good home.

Pics here:

$150 shipped (USPS to 48 states in USA only)

other items for sale

Ricochet 2K LCD (super clean) $40 shipped.

Tippmann 98 Flatline (new in box) $85 shipped.
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hey i wanna talk to you on aim
50 shipped, or drop plus posters plus 30... pics:

^^one of the above for the marker plus accessories
Up. make offers, I need cash.
Trade for tippmann 98 custom with dble trigger, flatline, drop foward, 9v revvy, front performance bolt, response kit?
can i just buy the body off of you if so how much?
I'm not parting the marker out...sorry cjohnson.
Tippman981488, I have someone who contacted me just before you, but I like your offer. I have to give them first chance of refusal. I'll PM you on Tuesday.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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