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I am selling my Spyder Electra DX. I just recently got it and really need some money. It comes with everything that was in the box, the gun, barrel, battery, battery charger, spare parts, etc. Still have the box for it. It has probably shot about a half a case of paintballs...It is a LCD Screen, so you can switch from semi, 3 burst, 6 burst , to full burst by a click of a button. I can also add in a Riochet AK hopper for a fair price if you want it. Everything is in good condition, sold as is, but guaranteed to work perfect. Here are some pictures:

Just for the gun with all the parts (not the ricochet) I am hoping for around $150 or best offer.

For the gun and Ricochet AK I am lookin for about $190-$200 or best offer. (If you want pics of this hopper let me know)

Post here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Other conctact info:
MSN - [email protected]
AIM - T42289

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