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Ok Guys i bought this gun for cheap and it came with alot of stuff. I Have Since put a virture board in it that shoots 18bps w/ no eyes i am shooting it on psp ramp i put a anti chop bolt in it and an egg3 hopper and also polished the stryker and it has a 14 inch j&j Barrell for some reason this thing chops paint like a mofo i mean like every 5 or so balls and after it chops a couple it will only shoot like 5 feet and sometimes when i shoot it it will not recock and when i cock it and fire it again it acts like it has no air even with a full tank.
Sorry For All the questions but i am a noob and have no clue what the problem is. Thanks In Advance for any help. o yeah i read up on problems others were having and tried there solutions and nothings working. Thanks Again.
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