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Ive got a Spyder Aggressor that is blue, and black and dark blue. It comes with all the stock parts plus everything you need to play:
-Custom Products black 14" barrel
-Another 12" aftermarket barrel
-empire black 12V electric hopper
-12 oz CO2 tank
-Scott full face mask
-and a shocktech supafly delrin bolt that has only been used once for testing
-and, i did a trigger mod on it so the trigger pull is shorter than a cocker hinge trigger. (that is why it needs a electric hopper)
-i will also throw in about 500+ paintballs to get you started!

this gun has only been used 2 times with the stock parts, and once with the upgrades mentioned above. the reason why i am selling this is because i have no time to play anymore, and i need a new guitar. it is a great gun, when i played, i could hit the same target that some of my friends could hit with their cocker, and i could out shoot them.

i havent been keeping up with recent selling prices for markers, so i dont know what a starting price should be :shrug: so i will consider most offers (a pm would be nice on the approx selling price of this beast).

i only want money, or if you just so happen to have an artic white fender stratocaster, then i will do a trade (i need the money to save up for one). my email is [email protected]. email me if you want any pictures of any part of the gun and i will get them to you asap. or you can pm me, or my aim name is MagicBaller21 if you want to talk to me on there. i would prefer to sell it as a package, but if you want specific parts, i will have to raise the price a bit on them (you are warned!!). thanks a bunch... please, no negativity in this thread.
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