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Bought this around a month ago used. No major scratches. A few very small ones on the expansion chamber and one or two on the body. Most you can't tell unless you're right on top of them in my opinion.

Reason for selling is I have my mag and no use another marker.

What it comes with:
Stock barrel that matches it perfectly(around 12inches I believe).
New bottom line
Grip has one screw missing and the bolt doesn't have any o-rings(dont ask why, came like this when I bought it)
Grip is not electric(hence why it is here)

Price: 45 dollars plus shipping
I'm negotiable(sp) with price though so if you want to post any offers you have. Pretty much just want this sold for a decent price :)

I also can take paypal or money orders. Whichever you prefer.

Also have a madman spring spring kit for sell 5 dollars if you're interested in that (can get pictures if interested)

My feedback is here

If you have any questions post them here, private message me, or e-mail me at [email protected]
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