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Spyder Imagine 05 led
Black Drop
Vl Quatum- 15.00
Vl Revvy+Speed Colar- 30.00 (Lid is broken)
9 oz tank
3 pod belt w pods
Batteries in all hoppers

Full package wit Quatum
140.00 OBO

Full Package wit Revvy
160.00 OBO

Full Package with both hoppers
170.00 OBO

Offer away will add cash to trades for high ends

I do not go first. (dad has over 200 all positive feedback on ebay)

Do not have pics sry but if u catch me on aim i can shoot into a mic so u can hear it works fine. Gun is in great conditions no noticable scratches. Works like new!

Edit- Prices include shipping for US

Will not go under 125.00 for a package consider my friend already offered me that.
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