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spyder imagine

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this is my spyder imagine. it has a bob long torpedo reg,
sweet spot trigger, new bottomline, macroline kit, t
eardrop barrel coming soon, 48/3000ci tank,
dye sticky 3 grips, and a java drop forward.

picture with tank and new barrel should be up tomorrow
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for an imagine i give it a 9.5/10
yeah looks pretty good for an imagine, although it would look better if the macroline was longer, it kind of looks like its too tight

what should it look like then, this was the only way i could think of doing it
Only performance ups = trigger and reg.

4 for Spyders
3 overall

So many things you can do to that...

New valve, new bolt, clamping feed, drilled and tapped for cocker detents + a halo, mod your hammer, anno the mismatched parts, etc etc...
8.5/10 For Spyders

4/10 For All Markers

I would get a new twisted lpr chamber....thats the only thing i can think of right now.....
Paintballer 74 said:
I would get a new twisted lpr chamber....thats the only thing i can think of right now.....

That LPC is a waste of money...just a cosmetic upgrade that IMO looks like piss. And even if he were to get a new LPC, it should be very, very, very far down on his priority list.
Nice spyder.. Consider selling and saving for a high end marker.. Probably a 03-04 autococker.. Anyways 9.0/10..

8/10 for Spyders. There are still ups, so no 9. Not anything special, so no 10.
get a spring kit, barrel, new board, polish the internals, new valve, convert to lp, new bolt
looks great! no need for a new bolt... you wont notice anything. i say a 9/10 for spyders because there is a few more things that need to be done
my new barrel came into day, but it is really cloudy out and i have a crapy camera so if it brightens up i will take a few more pictures of the barrel and tank on. otherwise i'll have to wait until tomorrow
i got a question guys if i were to sell this gun with the java drop forward, sweetspot trigger, imagine(of course), new bottomline, bob long torpedo reg, smart parts teardrop barrel, standard hopper and elbow, along with the macroline kit how much do u think i would be able to get for it. i would be selling it on ebay so the prices would be higher than what some of u say its worth. everything would be installed on it, if i figure out how to send pics form my phone to my email address ill post more pics that look better of it. its in perfect condition and used maybe 5 times. im trying to save possibly for an evil omen, i have around 200 more dollars coming my way so hopefully this will cover the other half.

EDIT: btw swoody89=ChaosTheory just though id clear something up ahead of time
7/10, do what nyy said

EDIT: you could maybe get $150. maybe. if you're lucky.
read my last post, im not upgrading it anymore, now i just want to know how much i cna get for it on ebay
9/10 ummm u might be able to get it for ummm 150-200 mayb, 200 mayb a lil too outta ur reach
how would 200 be out of my reach though the gun brand new is like 120 so i could get like 70 out of along with a brand new never been used before barrel and reg.most parts on it i just got recentely and have not been used, the reg along is 60 and the barrel is almost 50 im sure i can get over 200 for it. and since most people on ebay are stupid i could probably get more than that. ive seen pictues of guns go for a couple hundred. when i sell it it will be on ebay not on the forum or anything so i can get more than what its worth
i know it is but im saying cant i get any more from it on ebay. or would it be best to put the stock parts back on it and sell the barrel and reg seperate along with the drop, and dye stickys
9/10 for spyders
5/10 overall
Modify the bolt, and polish internals.
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