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Shipped prices are US only- Canadians please pm me for a price- Please post and then pm or email me since this is up on multiple forums- that is the fairest way to decide who gets what.

***Click on the links (underlined text) above any of the items for a picture.***

Spyder Pilot ACS- 20bps
2. Spyder Pilot ACS (Anti-Chop System)- Electronic Trigger- 20bps- Rechargeable 9v and Charger included- Semi, 3 shot Burst, 6 Shot Burst and Full Auto (20bps) modes- with Tru-Flight Straight rifled barrel- was: $135 now $105 shipped

Maxis E/G- Electro

3. VL/Pro Team Maxis E/G- Gray Satin Finish- Electronic Blade Trigger- ProTeam Regulator with gauge- Theaded vertical feed- Drop Forward- Lightweight, good balance- $90 shipped
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