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Spyder Rodeo Upgrades

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I am going to upgrade my Spyder Rodeo, and this is what I am planning on getting:

32* Flame Drop Forward, Green
ACI Bulldog 47/3500 Tank
14" SP Teardrop Barrel, Green
12v Revvy w/x-board, Green
IPI 3.0......trigger frame, Chrome
Check it sweet spot trigger, Green
And, either a spudn'kl bolt, or a check it icepick bolt.
Dye Sticky Grip

Tell me if I should get something else or what i can do to improve what i have said. Is this a good setup for my marker?

Thanks alot.
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First off, I just got back and wow things are really messed up and all the stickies are gone :mad: But anyway everything looks good, but you might want to ditch the Spud since they are having problems producing and delevering their bolts (it takes a couple months to get one now) and look for a good regulator such as the AKA Sidewinder, maybe hold off on the trigger, grips, and bolt and save up for a reg.
Your list looks pretty good. Like kirky saidm spud is kinda messed up right now. There bolt still rocks, but they are overwhelmed right now I guess.

Upgrade the barrel and hopper first, then do HPA, then start on the other stuff. Just get the most important out of the way first.
Also get a better Reg on it. Id suggest the Palmer Stabalizer. Once you get the ESP frame you can upgrade the board in it. Two of the most popular are the T-Board
( ) or the IS board (Not sure of site) With the hopper, if you plan to get a new gun that is faster than the rodeo with ESP anytime in the next 2 years get an Evolution or something faster if your next gun can outshoot that now so you dont have to spend more money in the future.
I have a Spyder Electra Dx LED and i am planning on getting some upgrades this is what i am planning on getting so far but i still can't decide:
>DYE Spyder Sticky Grips 3
>12 INCH Smart Parts Tear Drop Barrel (Silver 0r Blue)
>Custom Products Flame Drop Foward (silver or blue)
>BOBLONG Torpedo Regulator
(i want to get upgrade the springs but dont know what to get)
>Shockteck Spyder Shim Kit
(i want a new trigger dont know what to get)
(i want a feed neck that can lock the hopper in place)
if you know what to do that would be awesome............ Thank you so much......
32 degrees or Maddmans spring kit dont get the shims. And the sweet spot and look here for two other triggers and a new lighter striker.......... And look here under "external accessories" for feed necks. And HPA is one of the best upgrades you can do.
I have a Spyder Rodeo completely stock with just a Smart Parts Progressive 12" barrel. I was wondering what are some things I could do to it to make shoot a little farther and more accurate? And not to sound stupid since I am new at this but what is a HPA? Thanks any help with upgrades would be appreciated links to the sites that make the upgrades would be awesome too.

The only way you can really shoot further is by adjusting your velocity, a barrel and a good paint match also help along with better accuracy. 12-14in barrels are the way to go. HPA is AKA nitro, compressed air ect. With HPA your marker will be much more consistant than co2.
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