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I recently got back into paintball because my buddy got into it and when I went to pull out my Spyder Sonix (yeah it’s been that long) I noticed my tank was missing! So I’ve decided to get a new tank but I know technology has changed a lot since I got this marker in early 2000’s.

my question is what type of tank should I be looking for and where can I get it? I’m lost and want to make sure I get the right stuff so I don’t waste my money or potential hurt myself and others by getting the wrong one.

if I’m able to I would like something light that holds a lot of air (for longer games).

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Well, you really can't get anything that will hurt someone because you still need to chrono the marker regardless of what tank you are using.

If you are buying new, look into ninja air, in my opinion they are still the leader of the pack when it comes to tanks. 5 year test cycle and a 5 year warranty. You can also look into "rival" they are also made by ninja but are made to be their budget line of tanks

Here are 2 options for you

Ninja lite 68/45, these will be lighter than the HPA tanks you are used to from back in the day of the sonix (which, btw, is still made it's just updated)

And the rival version of the 68/45

The rival will weigh a little more, not a ton and has a fixed 800psi output where the ninja tank has an adjustable regulator

For your situation I would probably go with the rival, you really are not going to get a huge benefit out of the ninja version. I would expect around 1300 shots on your sonix out of a 68/45

Also, what's your mask situation? You may want to at a minimum look into a new lens if not a whole mask if it's been sitting for as long as the sonix

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