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I was on a paintball team when i bought this marker, and now everyone moved away. I have no more use for it, though i miss playing paintball, i have no one to play with around were i live now! I am a second owner of this marker. I only had one problem with it(the wires going to the soleniods were poorly wired and we not supplying enough power to shoot). But i shipped my marker off to Smart Parts and they installed new coil and wire harness, No leaks were detected, and test shot fine. I also have many extras that would come with this marker here is the list of everything including two extra guns:

**Smart Parts Shocker Sport Turbo**:
>After market trigger "featherlight"
>Air elbow adapter "helps push balls through the elbow into the firing chamber"
>18" two tone after market barrel "has a freak font on it" (not sure what brand came with the gun when i bought it, very nice and accurate barrel, and has one scratch on it)
>stock 14" barrel "scraped on tip, but doesnt affect the shot"
>Shocker lube
>orange barrel plug
>stock trigger
>small o-ring kit for regulator
>extra random screws and pin
>Blue 32 degrees sticky grips
>ACI remote coil "3000psi"

**Kingman Spyder TL**:
>orange viewloader barrel plug
>after market 12" red barrel " one scratch shoots great"
>1 green "after-market" and 1 black "stock" elbow
>Brass Eagle mount sight "needs new battery"
>after-market bolt "no star pin inside"
>stock bolt "no star pin inside"
>extra random screws, parts and o-ring
>extra steel air flow tube "do not know if it works"

**Viewloader Orion**:
>Piece of Sh!t gun!!!
>bought it for a friend to use the it broke the same day "the ball stopper on the side fell off and lost the metal ball to stop the balls from going though your barrel"
>can be used for random parts like o-rings etc.
>still shoots
>two stock barrels(one is silver 8" and one silver 12" barrel
>trigger on gun is started to lose black paint now looks silver

>Black JT nFORCER "only used in one game, and no balls hit the mask"
>Black Brass Eagle, Zleader mask "lens have several scratches"
>Black JT XFIRE mask

>Blue 32 degrees 200round hopper "spring loaded"
>Black viewloader 200round hopper
>Belt pod holder made by viewloader "good condition
>total of four 100round pods
>lapco spyder to shocker barrel adapter
>3 20oz co2 tanks "one has an on-off switch on it"
>1 miniture sized 16oz co2 tank "seem to be rare"
>1 14oz co2 tank "has severeal paint chips
>air flow adapter to a Brass Eagle Rainmaker
>Part for a co2 air station
>1 red thread protector for a co2 tank
>Full finger Black JT Alpha Gloves "warn out!, has holes on top of a couple fingers"
>Black JT Alpha soft gun case, includes strapes to hold down your marker inside
>Wall Lenk Soldering Iron model L25 with two different type soldering tips
>Never opened Oatey Lead free rosin core 95%tin 5%antimony electrical solder wire
>1 20oz co2 butt plate, and 1 looks like a 9oz butt plate (i have never owned a 9oz co2 tank)

I know all the parts work properly except one of the 20oz co2 tank, becuase it needs a new internal o-ring. I am not going to ask as much as all this is worth because of it being used. Please be serious if you want to buy this great paintball package and be respectful with the price you would like to pay. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or im me on my aim screen name=Lazyfcker985 or yahoo screen name=shs_soccer_mvp06.

Thank you,
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