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hey. im new here. im a snowboarder and i need something to do during
the summer. ive been paintballing a few times but when winter comes
around i focus only on snowboarding. my friends say im pretty good
for a beginner but i know i have alot of work. ive been reading the
stickies and i found that i like the spyder Vs1 and Vs2. i also like
the Evolution 3 hopper. i also have a pretty good deal on the Spyder
Xtra marker(or i think i do). but i read about the Eyes that the Vs1
and Vs2 have and the Xtra does not. so here is what ive collected in
my search:

Spyder Vs1: new: includes
-Vs 1 with Eyes
-200round gravity hopper
-heavy duty coiled remote
-harness + 6 pods
-21" jerk sqeegee?(dont know what that is)
-1 oz of oil

-good entry level gun.
-alot of upgrades
-3 modes of fire

-not too good of a trigger
-should get a new barrle
-should get a new feedneck

Spyder Xtra: used: includes:
-14" barrle
-electronic trigger frame
-trinity feedneck
-delrin aftermarket bolt
-Evo 2 hopper
-a co2 tank
-a nitro tank
-a belt to hold the 3 included pods
-and some other stuff.

-good entry level gun
-great for price

-slow: 7-8 BPS
-long trigger pull
-tall hopper
-doesnt come with eyes.

i ruled out the Vs2 because im not sure whether
it can take co2 or not. some people say it works fine
while others say it'll freeze up. and i really dont
want to spend extra money. im trying to stay under
$200 for all this stuff.

ultimately im leaning more toward the Xtra just because of
all the extra stuff it comes with(alot of parts) but the price
goes over $175 i think i'd get the Vs1. im wondering if im
making the right choice by considering the Xtra over the Vs1.
i plan on playing often but i dont think i'd go as far as to
spend any more money to upgrade my gun. i just want something
that'll be good to play with out of the box and last me a long
time. im still open to new brands and markers but this is just
what i saw in the sticky. please and thanks. sorry if that was
really long.

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no no. get ths vs1 over the xtra unless it's got low pressure ability. the vs2 is a ton better than either of them, but it rewuires high pressure air.

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awesome. cause i was afraid they'd charge me like $20 per fill
of AIR. and as for all my stuff, i found a deal with a vs2, HPA
tank, mask, harness, and alot of other stuff for roughly $200.
so im planning to jump on that soon. as for your board: thats a
nice board. i ride a lib tech TRS right now and i also got an uninc.
im planning on selling the TRS and getting a banana. thanks alot!

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I would say get the Vs1. And people, don't forget that HPA tanks are a bit cheaper, but they are, at a minimum, $50-$60.
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