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Team "Elephant Riders" and Back Creek Paintball presents "Stargate: Rise of Cerberus" This game picks up where season 7 ended. After the Battle over antarctica and the eventfull death of Anubis, Cerberus has risen to power and is taking over the super solders and the jaffa left by Anubis's death. And the first thing on his list is to destroy Earth and the Alpha site. Can Gen. Hammond and the SGC over come this new God and save the earth one more time? Or will Cerberus win and life as we know it will end on this planet. The choice is yours, come and see if you can make a difference in the outcome of destany...

This will soon be on Scenario calander. If more information is needed post on this thread.

Location: Chambersburg, PA.
8 Hour Scenario. 1PM – 9PM. Game Day Sat AUG. 27th. You must pre register by Sat. Aug. 20th $25.00 per person. 30.00 per person on game day if not registered.
Cases start at 39.95 and fee includes all day Co2 and Nitrogen

For more information call, Back Creek Paintball - (717) 369-2331
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