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Starter package for $100 or less -PRICE DROP

Up for sale:

-Spyder Compact Deluxe Java Edtion (
-14 ounce C02 tank (It's black and works good)
-JT Mask (http://www.*****************.com/product57.html)
-Viewload 200 round Hopper (
-45 round hopper for some reason
-14" Taso Barrel ( Without the little grooves towards the back)
-400 paintballs (ones from Fleet Farm, nothing spectacular, but they are not old)
-Barrel plug and oil for the marker

I did an overhaul on the gun a few months ago, haven't used it much since then. Still shoots wonderfully, especailly with the upgraded barrel. I took the nasty site rail off because it got in the way, and I replaced the whole trigger deal with a single finger trigger instead of the double finger striger, becuase it's better that way.
If you really really need pictures, I'll try to find someone with a digicam becuase I don't have one.

I'm looking for around $100 shipped, but definatly open for offers. Trades are possibly welcome, but I don't need any paintball stuff.

Would like to do it through Paypal.
AIM: GDut0n
Email: [email protected]
or PM/Reply
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