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I am looking to start up a serious team in the lexington area. And made this thread for any player who would be intrested. It will problley be a 5-man team, and pratice like two saturdays every month at paintball game of the bluegrass in georgetown, ky.

What i am looking for:
Players who are dedicated to the sport of paintball
Players who will be able to play in tourny's
Players that would be able to vote and agree on certain things.
Players who have some experience
Players that wanna win
The team would try and become a sponsered team and such not just a rec ball team. I will also make up a website for the team. Must not be over 16

Just list this information. My info is in parenthesis
hey i am starting a team in lextown and wanted 2 know if u wanted 2 join.

Well i am in lexington, ky and if u can play at paintball games of the bluegrass, we could start up a team. Also could u give me your info listed below mine are in parenthesis.

Marker:(Spyershutter with camd e-grip and stage 4 e-chamber but getting proto matrix before the years out)
Experience:(2 years)

and anything else u think i should know.

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I have 3 players in winchester Ky who are serious about tactical/milsim/woodsball. We have Great equipment. In that they are modified Tippmann X7's and A5's. We are looking for senario, tactical or just basic woodsball games in the Lexington, KY area. Dont mind to travel. We just dont have field available in Winchester. We dont like speedball so dont bother contacting me about it. If anyone needs player. Serious players. Please contact me throu my email at [email protected].

Markers: X7 E Grip W/g36 mod, freak barrel, fully tactical extras. X7 E grip W/ump mod, freak barrel, fully tactical extras. and A5 M82A1 Barret 50 cal mod, presision barrel , fully tactical extras.

Exp. I dont remember. (looking for a game)

Contact us at: [email protected]
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