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I need to get rid of a few guns to pay for some other things, so these got to go...

Lnib Olive Pm6-
Black UL frame
Lucky bolt
Hybrid top hat mod
Pepperstickz 16' barrel
***No pics up yet***

Price: $800

Abomb Timmy-
Custom Blue Gloss anno on frame and body
"Stealth" Engraving on both sides shown in pics
Hybrid Verdikt LPR
Bob Long Volumizer
Techna Scythe 2 trigger
Tadao M5
Eclipse Ego grips modded to fit
Hybrid ram cap
Hybrid R-Drive reg
Empire rail
Empire ASA
Hybrid Hedlok 2
Redz Peperstickz barrel Tip anno'd Gloss blue with .689 bore
Abomb Eye Covers
Stealth Media Mojo

Price: SOLD

Alias- owned gun
Custom Techna given to the former owner Harry Castillo by the owner of Critical Paintball
CP .693 bore with Stiffi tip
Hybrid ram Cap
Hybrid Volumizer
Frenzy 127.4
05' CP rail and ASA

Price: $450


-Nick Champion

Stealth Media

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IF only i had 800 bucks. If that truly has a UL then your givin that gat away.

free up
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