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;) this is a STO autococker in like new perfect working condition
I have searched the gun for scratches and found none
this gun new would have been nearly 750
it has many upgrades
the cost is a trade for a impulse, i would like it to have vision but the worst i can say is no so throw it at me, willin to negotiate
here are the guns stats
-all sto pneumatics
-CP cocking rod
-steel braided hose for cold play
-custom milling for a much lighter body than your standard autococker
-flame drop by WGP
-Hinge trigger and trigger frame by WGP
-dye stickies
this gun has only used nitro so al parts are in great condition
get r done


Xplicit Eg06
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Interested...Have nice Trade for ya trades worth at least $$300, i will add $$ if needed. I will also add other things if desired. PM me and we can talkif you are interested!!
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