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posting this for a friend... :( he just had a RED HYBRID SHOCKER stolen out of his truck up in TN while he was visiting family for Christmas... if anyone knows anything please contact me

Hey guys I was just wanting to ask you guys to keep an Eye out on Ebay and all the other forums for my shocker. it was stolen this morning in TN. its serial number HBY066. WHAT DO I DO?
well it happend in Johnson City TN, and I was at my girlfriends house doing you know what!!! and sometime during this a guy poped the lock on my truck and her pink ion i got her for christmas, and my guns were in the back seat and when we came out to go eat lunch my passenger door was wide open and the lock was on the ground, and anything that was worth anything was gone
yeah I don't think it will turn up down there but I think you guys so much for keeping an eye out down there i need all the help i can get the sooner the better before people buy alot of them and then its going to be harder. anyway i put post on all the paintball forums. I am offering a reward for any info leading to its return
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