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Hey Guy,

I just discovered this site so I'm hoping someone may have seen my guns. I had my paintball bag stolen from my house along with a crap load of stuff so if anyone has seen my markers please notify me or call the cops (filed a police report and everything). Anyways my house was broken into July 4 2006 in Santa Ana, CA. My bag contained:

OTP Blue Autococker SN 37579 w/
-OTP Titanium Barrel (1 in 3 made in the world)
-Air America Vigilante Reg
-Custom machined fixed site
-Check it paint ball expansion chamber
-OTP bolt
-Ti cocking rod and cocking ram
-Benchmark 45 handle and grip
-Palm Rock Reg
-and loads of other things

Spitfire paintball gun
Autococker pump conversion
Carbon fiber tank w/ reg
Polished 16oz al. tank
Revolution Viewloader

I just register it here: - Public Paintball Theft Database.

If anyone has see it please call me

C 626 274 0605
[email protected]


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